30 DAYS OF NIGHT – Perfect Halloween Reading and Viewing

Steve Niles’ and Ben Templesmith have created a monster. The highly stylized and deeply disturbing 30 Days of Night graphic novel went on to spawn various sequels and a big screen feature film, as well as a TV mini series (Blood Trails) and an online prequel to the movie (Dust to Dust). Why have the tales of Barrow and its vampire visitors proved to be such a hit with comics fans and moviegoers? The popularity of that seminal first book (made up of the three issue IDW miniseries) is understandable on several levels. Firstly, it is a rip-roaring story told with a deft use of pacing and structure. Then there is the artwork. Ben Templesmith’s stark, high-contrast artwork is exactly as bleak as the tale needs it to be, and his stylized visions of vampire carnage are extremely memorable. Once you read the book, those images stay with you for a very long time. With a tight script and no padding, the first 30 Days of Night graphic novel is about as perfect as modern horror comics get.

Two direct sequels to the first book were released as the title’s popularity grew, namely Dark Days and Return to Barrow. As well as these two books, there have been various other titles that tie into the 30 Days of Night mythos, namely stories such as 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales, Dead Space, Spreading the Disease, Eben and Stella, Red Snow and Beyond Barrow. These works featured a variety of artists and co-writers, but were always overseen by creator Steve Niles. Niles also wrote two original prose novels based on the comics universe he created, namely ’30 Days of Night: Rumours of the Undead’ and ’30 Days of Night: Immortal Remains’.

The biggest example of how far the comics forced their way into the popular consciousness is the feature film of the first book, starring Josh Hartnett and Melissa George in the lead roles. While not perfect, the 30 Days of Night movie is a very close interpretation of the graphic novel, and the distinct art style of Ben Templesmith is reproduced very well in the movie’s cinematography. The washed out complexions of the vampires are almost translucent under the sickly lighting cast over the onscreen action. The direction, from David Slade, is mercilessly tense and captures the claustrophobic survival elements of the story very well. Receiving a mixed release at the box office, it was nonetheless one of the strongest comic book movies of the last few years.

So where next for the 30 Days of Night franchise? While details are thin on the ground regarding the future of the comics series, it would appear there is interest in more screen action from this particular set of vampires. A DVD sequel has been rumoured, along with more web content, but little in the way of concrete news is available at present. Ben Templesmith has gone on to become one of the comics industry’s leading artists, and his own title, Welcome to Hoxford, is the most promising horror comic to hit the shelves since the first 30 Days of Night. I don;t think we’ve heard the last of the vampires just yet though. Rest assured, while there is darkness, there’ll be Steve Niles and ben Templesmith lurking in the shadows, ready to scar your soul.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Persona 2: Innocent Sin made its debut in 1999. It was designed specifically for the Japanese Playstation. Eternal Punishment was the sequel and actually just a continuation of the first story. One was not complete without the other and RPG fans had to play both games in order to claim finishing it.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin is now part of a series of RPGs released by Atlus who call it Shin Megami Tensei. Most RPG fans simply refer to it as MegaTen. If you like hardcore RPGs, then you will really enjoy this series of games.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin is an RPG much different to the modern RPGs found today. The graphics are somewhat old and the design obsolete compared to the standards of today. If you like state of the art technology and impressive graphics then stay away from Persona 2: Innocent sin.

You play the role of Tatsuya Suou who attends the Seven Sisters High School. The students who attend this school are all exceptionally talented and very intelligent. The problem is that an unknown disease has come to the school and disfigured many faces of the most beautiful students. The principal is acting weird and there are plenty of frightening rumors going around. It seems there is a curse on the school.

The story is dark and frightening but full of excitement and mystery. The story hovers around sin. All the characters have dark skeletons in their closets and they attempt to hide it from their friends and the other students. The story is very similar to the original version released in 1999, but has a few added twists.

In this game you can chat with monsters and dark spirits from the undead. Instead of killing monsters, you have conversations with them. The demons you invoke will either become your friends, fight you, or give you credits in the form of tarot cards. The way you interact with them will determine how they view you. Some demons are very powerful and have extraordinary powers they van bestow on you. When you have enough tarot cards of a certain nature you can summon more powerful demons and hopefully persuade them to give you some of their powers.

If this sounds all exciting and breathtaking, don’t be disappointed when you play the game and find the graphics and scenes are a bit dated. It seems the developer stuck to the old graphics engine of 1999 to keep the aurora alive. If you’re looking for brilliant graphics and marvelous scenes then you’re in for a rude shock. Even the rare fighting scenes will disappoint you. It’s a pity Atlus didn’t want to make the game more modern, perhaps it would have been even better, but who knows.

Innocent Sin won’t appeal to everyone. It’s a rare breed of gamer that will enjoy this type of tale. But you’ll be surprised how many of them are out there.

The Top 10 Gothic Home Decorating Ideas

Gothic home décor and decorations, either you love it or you hate it. Dreaming of gravely pale dried red roses against a medieval throne chair is enough to make the most macabre damsel weak in the knees.

There are various different types of Gothic decorations, ranging from gravestone etched art to more restrained Gothic-Victorian themes. Whatever may be the case, if you are someone – who enjoys this kind of interior designing – then the following 10 gothic decorating ideas will be of much benefit to you and the undead who cohabitant therein.

Gothic living room: If you enjoy entertaining guests, then a Gothic living room, with oak and mahogany furniture, walls in earth tones, wooden flooring, long candle stands and large antique chairs will raise your repute, among your friends and relatives. You may also opt for doors and window panels, in a rusted, weather beaten look with stained glass film, to enhance the Gothic quotient of such a room.

Gothic bedrooms: The Gothic look can be also used to achieve a highly romantic setting for couples’ bedrooms. Herein, large canopied beds, in old-world models and rich and comfortable fabrics like satins, matted silks, frothy furs and velvets are an absolute must. The lighting should be also gentle, in order to create a gothic yet romantic mood. Hanging candle lanterns work especially well.

Gothic garden: The sky is the limit, when you wish to experiment with a Gothic garden, references to “Jasmine and Rose” aside…. Exotic, strange and visually shocking deadly nightshade flowers and orchids would fit in well. In terms of furnished accessories, you may try out weeping Gothic fountains, gargoyle statuettes or cast iron seating.

Gothic bathroom: Such bathrooms should, ideally, have large area dimensions, in order to play with darkness and light. In such a bathroom, porcelain items are much appreciated. A checkerboard black and white floor would be killer. Large mirrors with intricate medieval panels are also favored here. Even, your shower and basin accessories can have medieval signatures or shapes of magical creatures. The warm glow of numerous purple and red candles would shimmer off the water surfaces. Utilizing dark candles or even dragon incense holders work quite well.

Gothic kitchen: Such a kitchen should play with a variety of building materials that go well with the medieval theme. Most notably, woodwork is necessary to add a touch of rustic simplicity to your kitchen. In addition to these, the shelves and cabinets could make use of stones, stained glasses and wrought iron. Also, you could hang your pots and dishes from a low beam to add a touch of authenticity to the entire look for a Sweeney Todd feel. To take things a step further, try hanging a mace or battle axe on the wall. Even model your kitchen akin to the Vegan Black Metal Chef!

Gothic colors: Oh the horror, you mean there is a color other than black? All other varieties of dark, vibrant colors go well with a Gothic setting. Herein, you may choose to pint your home walls with different types of reds, purples and stone hues.

Gothic wallpapers: These are, now, abundantly available in the market, in a large number of interesting patterns and motifs. They are affordable to purchase and you can experiment with different types of these, every few months.

Gothic Lanterns: These can give a very magnificent look to your drawing room, bedrooms and even bathrooms. For maximum effect, go for candle chandeliers that add a royal feel to your abode.

Gothic Figurines: These are available in shapes of a large number of mystical creatures like dragons, gargoyles, skulls and more.

Fireplaces: A simple fireplace, in wooden arched shapes, is perfect for your Gothic home décor. If you want to go for the Vampire lord type of feel, shoot for a ridiculous lion head marble fireplace mantel.

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