Natalyas Set – Fade, Physical Damage Boost and Attack Speed – What Is There Not to Like? (Part 2)

Natalya’s Mark (Set Scissors Suwayyah)

1H Damage: 120-153

Minimum Strength: 118

Minimum Dexterity: 118

Level Requirement: 79

+200% Enhanced Damage

+200% Damage to Undead

+200% Damage to Demons

Adds 12-17 Fire Damage

Ignore Target’s Defense

40% Increased Attack Speed

Adds 50 Cold Damage – 4 Second Duration

Analysis: In the entire Set, Natalya’s Mark is the hardest to find. However, it is definitely considered as one of the better Claw Weapons in the game. With +200% Damage to both Undead and Demons, Ignore Target’s Defense (work on normal monster), a hefty 40% IAS  boost and some Cold damage to help freeze and slow your enemies, what’s not to like?

Set Bonuses:

Partial Set Bonuses

Magic Damage Reduced by 15 (2 Items)

+200 Defense (3 Items)

Full Set Bonuses

+3 to Assassin Skill Levels

+350 Defense

14% Life Stolen per Hit

14% Mana Stolen per Hit

All Resistances +50

Damage Reduced by 30%

Magic Damage Reduced by 15

Fade* (See Final Summary)

Final Summary for Natalya’s Odium:

Some characters might find the boots and even the helm useful, but Natalya’s Odium unleashes all of its glorious gifts only upon an Assassin who dons the whole set. From the Full Set Bonuses, it is quite clear that Natalya’s Odium is meant for an Assassin who wades into melee and unleashes Martial Arts upon her hapless foes. This is evident with mods like Life and Mana leech (which only work if you successfully physically hit the monsters in question), and a massive 30% Physical Damage Reduction.

Wearing the whole set also grants your Assassin the ‘Fade’ special effect, making her look ethereal and ghostly. While this does not have anything to do with gameplay, it does make her fit in more with her role: a killer who attacks from the shadows. That, and it’s cool, of course.