Zombie Drawing – How to Draw a Zombie’s Face

Drawing a zombie face is something that gets easier with practice, each new sketch you do is a learning process that improves with time and zombies are quite popular to draw, so here we will go through the steps that you could follow to draw your very own zombie faces and apply what you learn to create lots of different zombies.

To draw our rotting zombies head, we need to remind ourselves of the genre, go and watch some of them zombie horror films and then come back, you’ll find that there are lots of different undead facial possibilities to get you drawing them, the preferred method is to draw an uneven oval shape for the head on an A4 size piece of paper, fill the whole sheet if you have to and don’t worry about the basic shape too much as this will most certainly change later in the drawing.

Mark a line down the middle of the oval head shape and a line across the nose area, this way you can draw in the eyes, ears, (if any) the nose and a rough draught sketch of the mouth, so later you can cut back on the flesh, to make it appear rotten and possibly show the teeth and the gum line which often looks quite cool on a zombie, a bit of hair can be sketched in too if you don’t want a bald undead guy as your zombie character.

Now we have the basics, we need to work on these somewhat, the eyes become angry and almost evil looking, with one eye ball bulging out of its socket and more detail surrounds the zombie’s features as it looks totally putrefied, the teeth are drawn in, as the lips look like they are hanging off, and the hair has been sketched in darker, it’s up to you how far you go with blood drips and so on.

The next step is to ink the drawing if you prefer, just go over the pencil lines and fill in any dark areas with solid black ink or cross hatching, usually under the eyes and define the cheek bones if you want a portion of the skull to poke out.

Zombie face drawing is a great way to learn how to draw characters, so just have fun.

Tim Burton – Director

Tim Burton is a very unique actor known for his directorial skills and success as a producer. His name is associated with great films, actors, and roles that will forever go down in the history of film. He attended California Institute of the Arts and made his first animation project working on The Fox and the Hound for Disney in 1981, however he did not receive credit for his help on the film. In this article I will discuss his success as a director, his movies, and what we can expect from him in the future.

The awards and nominations are part of what defines that success of directors, along with their box office numbers, their reputation, and other indicators as well. Of the three big awards given out to directors Tim Burton was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year in 2005 for his film Corpse Bride. In 2004 Burton was nominated for the Deal Lean Award for Direction at the BAFTA awards for his film Big Fish. His latest motion picture Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2008. The film won an award presented by the National Board of Review in the same year. He won the Venice Film Festivals Future Festival Digital Award in 2005 for Corpse Bride. Burton has been nominated for over thirty awards and won a significant number of those thirty plus.

In 2000 USA Today released a list of directors to keep an eye out for. Tim Burton respectively ranked fifth on this list of over 800 directors. This amazing ranking left him fifth only behind (1) Steven Spielberg (2) James Cameron (3) George Lucas and (4) Ron Howard.

Burton has worked with very famous actors casting them in roles that display their incredible talents. Three major actors he has worked with include: Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor, and Mark Wahlberg. He has worked with Johnny Depp numerous times in films including Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Ewan McGregor was the star cast in his 2004 film Big Fish. His film Planet of the Apes starred Mark Wahlberg.

In any industry there are going to be those that appreciate the work of others in their field and those that find it easier to put them down than give them the praise they deserve. When looking through the reviews Tim Burton has received for his work from his viewers are nothing but good. His fans are very dedicated and have words of praise for Burton that include: genius, quirky, visionary, uniquely bizarre, phenomenal, amazing, creative, and eccentric. For any professional to receive praise like this for their work it has to be a phenomenal feeling to say the least.

In an interview done by Rebecca Murray, representative for about.com Tim Burton was asked about what exactly is so appealing about the dead. After joking about his upbringing him leading to his interest in the undead his real answer was that he has always been a fan of monster movies and even fascinated by them in a way. Living close to Mexico and viewing their celebration for the Day of the Dead gave him a much more positive approach to thinking of death and thus he chose that view over the dark subject America tends to view it as.

Burton’s friendship with Johnny Depp is part of the lure audiences have for the director. Having worked on many films together it has given the two the chance to get to know one another. Burton knows what roles are suited for Depp, the ones he knows only dept can play and makes sure to cast him in those roles. Depps spontaneity is appealing to directors it allows them the opportunity to literally watch a character grow before their eyes. This spontaneity goes great with Burton’s films and hopefully they will continue to make great films together.

Currently Burton has the film Coraline out in theaters which has made it to the top 5. Set to be released in 2009 a film 9. A focus feature production it’s an animated film starring the voices of Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, John C. Riley, Crispin Glover, and Martin Landau. The character named 9’s world is ending and its up to him and those left along with him to keep it going. Their mission: to protect the future. The film is not yet rated but is classified in the genres of adaptation, fantasy, and action. 2010 will bring another adaptation of Alice in Wonderland simply titled Alice, directed by Tim Burton. Walt Disney Pictures brings another installment of the film which features many big names this time around. Mia Wasikowska (as Alice), Matt Lucas (as Tweedledee/Tweedledum), Johnny Depp (no surprise; where there’s a Tim Burton film, there’s Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter), Michael Sheen, and Anne Hathaway (the White Queen) star in the film that is also not yet rated.

Tim Burton has received many honors for his works as a director and a producer. His success is not easy to come by and rightfully deserves his place near the top of the best directors. Keep an eye for further work by Burton in numerous genres bringing a more celebrated feeling to death and the undead.

Worgen Race Gives Alliance Fresh Fangs in Cataclysm

Sissies. Do-gooders. Wannabe heroes. These are but few of the potshots aimed at the Alliance faction in the World of Warcraft. Most of these insults come from the rival Horde faction, who just can’t help themselves. But how can we blame them?

Most of the Alliance races just lack that raw, savage edge found among the orcs and undead of the Horde. The pink-haired girl gnomes, for example, are just too cute to inspire fear on a battlefield. Lucky for the Alliance, their feral cred is about to climb a notch when the Worgen race joins the Alliance faction in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion.

Unstable, aggressive, and capable of deadly force, Worgens are wolf-like humanoids summoned to Azeroth in a past war. Their curse of lycanthropy spread over time across the human nation of Gilneas, infecting most of the population.

The people of Gilneas tried to contain the curse by isolating themselves behind the Greymane Wall. But a world-breaking disaster and an invasion from the Horde’s undead will force Gilneas to harness their worgen power-if only to secure their place in the world.

In game, the Worgen have excellent battle prowess as seen in their combat racial abilities. One of these is Darkflight which quickens movement speed by 70% for a short time and is perfect for hunting down fleeing mobs or Horde players.

Aberration is a passive ability that reduces the duration of curses and diseases, making them tougher against dark arts users like warlocks. Sure to be a PvP favorite as well is the Viciousness racial trait that awards a whole 1% bonus to all Worgen damage.

Worgens are also imposing, graphics-wise, bearing the second-largest avatars in the Alliance faction just behind the Draenei race. With all that the Worgen are bringing to the table, the Horde will now have to put their necks on the line-and at risk of a nasty bite!-when belittling their Alliance rivals.