Honoring Ancient Ways With Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

In my parents generation, tattoos were the providence of criminals and thugs. The only “respectable” types to get inked were soldiers. These days, tattoos are much more mainstream-popular with everyone from students to businessmen. Some of the more popular types are sanskrit tattoo designs.

It is more and more common now to see a sanskrit design on the lower back or arm of the spiritual,lovers of art, or even those who collect memories by scrapbooking.

The Mother Tongue

Sanskrit is believed by most to be the origin of language. Having a sanskrit design, in a sense, transcends time and connects you with the ancient ways of mysterious places.

Another interesting fact is that sanskrit is a very precise language, and is not subject to the ambiguities of english.

This means that Sanskrit is a good “in memory” tattoo design.

Let Your Skin Whisper of Ancient Things

In memory tattoo designs are normally symbols or meaningful phrases. Generally they mean something special, and show adoration of a loved one or serve as a reminder of a special time.

To make your in memory tattoo design stands out, Sanskrit tattoo designs can be used instead of typical English letters. Find the characters that translate into your lovers name, or a symbol that represents a beloved ideal. Bring the translation to a tattoo artist, and have a permanent reminder.

Sanskrit tattoo designs aren’t just for lovers. If you have a spiritual message or concept that is part of you, Sanskrit tattoo designs are perfect way to communicate your message of praise and gratitude. Sanskrit is (and was) believed to be a spiritual language. A divine message in a divine language.

Perfect Symbols for the Artistic and Adventurous

For an art lover or a lover of history, you can’t go wrong getting Sanskrit tattoo designs done. The Sanskrit language has a rich history that cannot be ignored easily. Representing your passions and interests via permanent art is a satisfying way of connecting with who you are.

A Sanskrit tattoo is an easy way to show people that you love art. The horizontal design and curved edges make it a very flexible script to design, and thus can be drawn in as simple as an armband or an elaborate image.

Old and New

Although it is true that the Sanskrit language is considered dead, with the birth of Sanskrit variations, we can say that the ancient language is new again.

In fact, the use of Sanskrit tattoo designs make the Sanskrit language “undead” even if the language isn’t spoken to outloud. Your skin speaks the ancient language.

Dark Art – What is it?

Dark art is a general term for artwork that is violent or otherwise unsettling in nature. It has strong ties to the horror genre and the gothic subculture.

Dark art can encompass a wide variety of worldviews, from a melancholy romanticism to a gleeful nihilism. Oftentimes it can have sadomasochistic overtones, featuring erotic depictions of vampires or other supernatural beings. It can be colorful, but is more often depicted using near monochrome, especially red, black, and gray.

Artwork leaning in the gothic direction will often have a fascination with the mystical and darkly romantic, with influences from neopaganism. Love is a common subject matter, especially when it takes the form of betrayal, tragedy, or obsession. Images will often embrace demonic imagery, though its intent is shock value and stance taking, not satanic worship.

Horror-influenced art will have a more intense focus on violence. Death is a common subject, with blood commonly featured. Vampires, zombies, and other undead creatures tend to be heavily featured. There is often a great deal of overlap with the urban fantasy genre. While the subject matter is dark, it is often less melancholy in tone than gothic art. The violence is more likely to be depicted in a glorified or comical manner.

It can also take on influences from the abstract and surreal art movements. These tend to be more psychologically dark in nature, relying less on romantic or supernatural influences, and dealing more with internal demons. Distorted depictions of the human body and face are common. This type of artwork is more likely to take a nihilistic or relativist worldview.

Dark art as a whole is often about the destruction of beauty. It is similar to other modern and postmodern art cultures in this respect, and yet it paradoxically tends to take on an aesthetic form that is more easily appreciated by the layman. While abstract art may deliberately challenge our views about what is beautiful, dark art tends to depict a more literal destruction of beauty.

Five Secrets of San Diego

Tucked away in East County’s Mission Trails National Park are the remains of the Dam for the old San Diego Mission de Alcala. While the Dam stands today as a place to walk among the rocks and maybe see a few ducks in the pond-it once supplied water to working Mission. While its years in commission were short lived, it has become a beloved sight for many hikers. In fact, many locals love walking along the top of the dam and looking out at the pond and at the hiking trails beyond the water’s edge. Another beautiful place hiding in the outskirts is San Diego’s very own castle.

Mt. Woodson Castle has been around since 1921. Today it is known as a picturesque wedding venue, and golf course. This San Diego 12,000 square foot castle is home to twenty-seven rooms. The grand building was meant to the home of a San Diego designer. Amy Strong built Mt. Woodson Castle along with a group of architects she hired who camped out in make-shifts tents on the property until construction finished in 1921. What they accomplished will forever be the San Diego castle hidden among the beautiful Ramona country. There are many relatively unknown walks in San Diego as well.

Ever wonder what it would be like to see a horde of Zombies shuffling their way through downtown? Well San Diego is home to Zombie Walk which does just that. However for a group of zombies they are pretty well organized. In fact, the first rule of being a zombie is that “Zombies don’t have/use cell phones.” Sorry, no Twitter for the undead. However in recent years this group has branched out from their shuffles through the city. In 2010 they became wedding crashers, which made for a very unique wedding photo. Another popular area to walk through is Balboa Park.

There are many ways to enjoy an afternoon in Balboa Park without spending money. Some pack picnics and stroll though Spanish Village to enjoy the Art studios. Others peruse through the free Timken Art Museum, located near the San Diego Art Museum. However, it’s ‘Free Tuesday’ that many people enjoy best. On each Tuesday a different museum has free entrance. Even the most expensive museums at Balboa Park have free entrance one Tuesday a month, making Balboa Parks one of the most beautiful and affordable places to visit. Another lesser-known sight is found on the warm Coronado beach.

Imagine a message nestled in the warm sand of a picturesque beach. The story goes that a secret word was sculpted by a maintenance worker armed with an idea, a tractor, and an overabundance of sea weed. While you walk along the beach you will only be able to see a multitude of sand dunes with sea weed jutting out at odd places. However, if you look down at the beach from a high enough distance you will see a word. The sand dunes spell out the name of the beach ‘Coronado.’