Pally Leveling Spec – Solo Leveling and Instance Leveling Combined!

Looking for a good Pally leveling spec? Look no further, this is just what you’re looking for! We’ll be using a Retribution based spec, as Ret is viable not only for incredibly fast solo leveling, but also for highly effective instance tanking; toss on a shield and Righteous Fury and you’re plenty viable for any low level instance! We’ll also discuss Major and Minor Glyphs!

5/5 Benediction – Mana will have you stopping more than anything; this helps

2/2 Imp. Judgments – More damage, more to do (low level Ret is boring), more mana later

2/2 Imp. Blessing of Might – Makes your basic Blessing stronger

1/3 Heart of the Crusader – Filler…the crit is valuable later

2/2 Pursuit of Justice – moving faster from mob to mob is a great leveling speed increase

3/5 Conviction – More crit, and we’ll need this finished for Vengeance eventually

3/3 Crusade – a decent buff to damage

2/3 Sanctity of Battle – and another, but getting the next two talents takes priority over finishing it

1/1 Sanctified Retribution – Nice increase to Ret Aura damage, which also means better threat when you’re tanking instances

3/3 Two-handed Weapon Spec – Yet another boring damage buff

3/3 Sanctity of Battle – Finish this now.

5/5 Conviction – Need this to get Vengeance

3/3 Vengeance – With the various Crit increasing talents Ret has, this will be up a lot

3/3 Judgments of the Wise – Mana is no longer an issue; say hello to much faster leveling

2/2 Art of War – Now you don’t have to stop to heal yourself, either. Zero downtime is nice.

1/1 Repentance – CC can be handy, and we need it for our next talent

3/3 Fanaticism – VERY nice buff to Judgments and Vengeance procs

1/2 Sanctified Wrath – Filler

1/1 Crusader Strike – Finally getting some more buttons to press.

3/3 Sheath of Light – Harder Exorcisms and better heals

1/3 Swift Retribution – Decent but don’t finish it until after RV

3/3 Righteous Vengeance – Rets high crit rate means this is a massive damage buff

3/3 Swift Retribution – Can finish this now

1/1 Divine Storm – A completely AWESOME attack.

At this point I think we should move over to Protection for the rest of our Pally leveling spec.

5/5 Divine Strength – Boring but very nice.

5/5 Seals of the Pure – More damage (and threat, when needed)

2/2 Guardian’s Favor – Nice bit of survivability

3/5 Anticipation – Grab it so you can get to…

3/3 Imp. Righteous Fury – Great for both solo play and tanking dungeons.

Well, you’re about done with your Pally leveling spec at this point. Picking up a real endgame spec might be a good idea, just so you’re familiar with it when you ding eighty. Otherwise grab whatever you fancy.

As for Glyph choices, I recommend these Majors:

Divine Storm – The heals are nice if you’re taking advantage of it to fight multiple mobs at once

Righteousness – You should pretty much always use this; pushes the damage for it above Seal of Command

Judgment – A straight damage buff to a vital attack (that crits very often!)

As for Minor Glyphs, Might, Lay on Hands, and Sense Undead are the only ones that really do anything worthwhile for leveling.