Victorian Undead #4

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… I am a sucker for anything zombie related. When I saw that they had mashed Sherlock Holmes and zombies in the same comic, I rejoiced and gladly opened my wallet. This is the most recent issue in the series, and I’ve heard that there are only going to be six. Truly a shame because this is much more interesting than most mini-series. I guess they have to end the series soon because Sherlock Holmes doesn’t lose. In all of his cases, he solves them and then moves on. So I am thinking that it is safe to assume that he is going to solve the whole zombie-caper, kill the bad guys, and have a night-cap.

The most interesting thing about this series is the fact that the villain is a self aware zombie. (He is Moriarty, the classic nemesis of Sherlock Holmes). This issue goes into detail on Moriarty’s foray in the realm of the undead and the madness and ambition he found waiting there. We finally learn the reason for the outbreak, and we watch in horror as its nexus swears to bathe the world in blood and hellfire. Sherlock and Watson share their memorable banter throughout the issue as they are rescued from the flat on Baker Street and taken to a secure location. The art is wonderfully colored, and the zombies are especially gory and menacing. If you are a zombie enthusiast then you will in no way be disappointed with Victorian Undead. An excellent series to collect!