Worgen Race Gives Alliance Fresh Fangs in Cataclysm

Sissies. Do-gooders. Wannabe heroes. These are but few of the potshots aimed at the Alliance faction in the World of Warcraft. Most of these insults come from the rival Horde faction, who just can’t help themselves. But how can we blame them?

Most of the Alliance races just lack that raw, savage edge found among the orcs and undead of the Horde. The pink-haired girl gnomes, for example, are just too cute to inspire fear on a battlefield. Lucky for the Alliance, their feral cred is about to climb a notch when the Worgen race joins the Alliance faction in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion.

Unstable, aggressive, and capable of deadly force, Worgens are wolf-like humanoids summoned to Azeroth in a past war. Their curse of lycanthropy spread over time across the human nation of Gilneas, infecting most of the population.

The people of Gilneas tried to contain the curse by isolating themselves behind the Greymane Wall. But a world-breaking disaster and an invasion from the Horde’s undead will force Gilneas to harness their worgen power-if only to secure their place in the world.

In game, the Worgen have excellent battle prowess as seen in their combat racial abilities. One of these is Darkflight which quickens movement speed by 70% for a short time and is perfect for hunting down fleeing mobs or Horde players.

Aberration is a passive ability that reduces the duration of curses and diseases, making them tougher against dark arts users like warlocks. Sure to be a PvP favorite as well is the Viciousness racial trait that awards a whole 1% bonus to all Worgen damage.

Worgens are also imposing, graphics-wise, bearing the second-largest avatars in the Alliance faction just behind the Draenei race. With all that the Worgen are bringing to the table, the Horde will now have to put their necks on the line-and at risk of a nasty bite!-when belittling their Alliance rivals.