WoW PvP Strategy – Strategies and Tips to Easily Dominate WoW PvP

The Player vs. Player (PvP) is a very fun feature in World of Warcraft where you get to test your skills against other players. PvP keeps the gameplay exciting and never boring. There are many types of PvP including dueling, Battlegrounds, Arena, etc. Regardless of the game type, there is a fundamental WoW PvP Strategy for each class to give you the upper hand and dominate your opponents.

Dueling AKA 1v1 is the only type of PvP where you can prove yourself to be better than other player. An essential WoW PvP strategy is to be flexible during the fight. This is very crucial since you are not up against mindless NPC who repeat the same attack pattern again and again; when your strategies seem don’t work, quickly revise it and try to do something different with your current skills.

These are a WoW PvP strategy for each class; use it according to your build.

Death Knight WoW PvP Strategy

1. Use Raise Dead; your Ghoul can Gnaw your opponent and give you extra time to do deal more damage. Don’t forge to use Army of the Death.

2. Use Anti-Magic Shell, Anti-Magic Zone, Mind Freeze, Strangulate, and Death Grip when you are up against spellcaster. Attack them with Chains of Ice to keep them from running.

3. Use Icebound Fortitude against stunner.

4. Use Icy Touch (you may consider to take Icy Reach) and Death Coil to attack from distance. For melee range, use Rune Strike, Death Strike, Frost Strike, or Obliterate. Use Plague Strike only to refresh the DoT damage and Scourge Strike against opponent with thick armor.

5. Use Mark of Blood against melee fighter or pets.

6. If you go Unholy, try to keep your opponent within the area of your Death & Decay or Desecration.

7. Use Unholy Blight or Summon Gargoyle against vanished opponent.

8. If necessary, use Frost Presence, Blood Presence, or Unholy Presence to enhance your performance.

Druid WoW PvP Strategy

1. Use Prowl to go stealth. From there, you can Ravage, Pounce, or Shred your opponent. Use Bear Form against melee character and Cat form against spellcaster. Use Tiger’s Fury and Savage Roar when you are in Cat form.

2. Use Maim, Bash, or Cyclone when you require time to heal yourself.

3. Use Barkskin to defend yourself when you are stunned, feared, frozen, etc.

4. Use Moonkin Form to free yourself from Polymorph or other movement impairing effects.

5. Equip yourself with Regrowth, Rejuvenation, or Lifebloom before fight against high DPS opponent. Against poison user, use Abolish Poison. Lifebloom is a good choice against opponent that can dispel. Depend on the situation, put Nature’s Grasp may be a good idea.

6. Use Faerie Fire against opponent with stealth skill.

7. Use Insect Swarm and Moonfire as your DoT spell. For direct damage spells, use Starfire and Wrath.

8. Use Force of Nature to help you in the fight.

9. Use Feral Charge to interrupt a spell.

10. Use Travel Form to run away from your opponent when necessary. For example: waiting an effect to wear of.

11. Use Hibernate or Entangling Roots to keep the enemy’s pet to interfere.

Hunter WoW PvP Strategy

1. Use Wing Clip to keep the enemy away

2. Use Viper Sting to drain your opponent’s mana (mage is an exclusion since his/her mana pool is too large).

3. Use Freezing Trap on melee opponents or pets. Use Counterattack and Entrapment to immobilize your opponent. If you got him/her immobile, run away (if he/she is a melee character) and use Aimed Shot.

4. If you go melee, use Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite for critical melee attacks.

5. Use Silencing Shot or Intimidation against spellcaster.

6. Against melee opponent, use Concussive Shot and Scatter Shot. Use Disengage if they get close. Activate Aspect of the Monkey is a good idea when fight against melee opponent with high DPS.

7. Use Track Hidden, Flare, and Hunter’s Mark against stealth enemy.

8. Use Serpent Sting or Immolation Trap to put DoT on your opponent.

9. Use Bestial Wrath and Intimidation on your pet.

10. Use Scare Beast on Feral Druid.

11. For damage, use Auto Shot, Multi Shot, and Arcane Shot.

Mage WoW PvP Strategy

1. Against melee opponent with high DPS, use Frost Nova and Polymorph at the beginning of the match to widen the distance. Use Frostbolt, Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, Slow, and Blink to keep the distance.

2. Use Arcane Explosion against stealth enemy. Also use DoT spell such as Fireball, Pyroblast, and Frostfire Bolt to keep him/her visible.

3. Use Blink, Mana Shield, Ice Barrier, and Ice Block according to the situation to save yourself.

4. Cone of Cold is an alternative is your Frost Nova still in cooldown period. If you have Water Elemental, use his Freeze skill.

5. Remember to use Counterspell on your opponent, especially healing spell.

6. Use Scorch, Pyroblast, Arcane Blast, or Fire Blast for greater damage.

7. Use Spellsteal against buffed opponent.

8. Use Dampen Magic against spellcaster.

Paladin WoW PvP Strategy

1. Learn to use proper Judgement, Seal, and Blessing; you will need different type for each fight.

2. When your Art of War procs, cast Flash of Light immediately. Use Flash of Light often; it is one of your best healing spell.

3. Use Hammer of Justice to stun your opponent. Use Repetance to daze him/her.

4. Use Crusader Strike with Seal of Command to burst high damage. Don’t forget to throw in Divine Storm.

5. If you take Protection, use Shield of Righteousness and Hammer of the Righteous as your damage dealer abilities.

6. Use Fire, Frost, or Shadow Resistance Aura according to your opponent.

7. Against melee opponent with high attack speed, use Retribution Aura. Complement it with Holy Shield, Consecration, and Blessing of Sanctuary

8. Use Cleanse to remove poison, disease, DoT, or immobilize effect. The alternative for poison and disease is Purify. You can also use Hand of Freedom to protect against any movement impairing effect.

9. Use Divine Shield and Lay on Hands according to the situation.

10. Pay attention to your opponent’s health and use Hammer of Wrath when the time comes.

11. Use Seal of Justice on spellcaster to prevent him/her from getting away.

12. Use Eye for an Eye against spellcaster, which usually have less health than you.

Preist WoW PvP Strategy

1. Use Fear immediately and use it a lot.

2. Cast Dispel Magic early on the match to debuff your opponent.

3. Use Mind Flay to slow any melee opponent that runs towards you.

4. Use Mind Blast for your damage dealer spell. Complement it with Vampiric Embrace.

5. Use Shackle Undead on Death Knight’s pets.

6. Use Power Word: Shield or Inner Fire to protect yourself.

7. Use Abolish Disease to remove disease effect.

8. Use Dispersion to save yourself when you are stunned, feared, or silenced.

9. Use Silence to prevent your opponent to heal or cast other spells. Complement it with Mana Burn against opponents who rely heavily on mana.

10. Use Shadow Word: Pain or Devouring Plague as your DoT spell and use Renew on yourself. Don’t forget to spam Flash Heal whenever necessary.

11. Use Psychic Scream against vanished opponent or any melee opponent that try to shorten the distance.

12. Use Unbreakable Will or Fear Ward against Fear.

13. Use Shadowform, but remember to quickly remove if you are low on health.

14. Use Holy Fire to surprise your opponent when they’re ready for a Shadow Spell.

15. Use Psychic Horror if you are forced to engage them in melee combat.

Rogue WoW PvP Strategy

1. Use Vanish to go stealth; then Sap or Cheap Shot. If you are up against spellcaster, Garrote is a better choice.

2. To buy time and go back to stealth, use Blind, Gouge, or Kidney Shot.

3. You can also use Blind, Gouge, or Kidney Shot to move into melee range with your opponent. Sprint also helps in this matter.

4. Use Crippling Poison to slow your opponent. Use Deadly Poison in the other hand for DoT.

5. Use Slice and Dice or Rupture as your finisher.

6. Use Evasion against melee opponent. Also use Dismantle against melee opponent with high DPS.

7. Use Preparation according to the situation.

8. Use Shadowstep according to situation. Example: chasing a blinking mage.

9. Use Kick, Gouge, Blind, and Clock of Shadows to save your life in difficult situation.

Shaman WoW PvP Strategy

1. Use Lightning Bolt coupled with Shocks to deal damage. Add Searing Totem and Lightning Shield to deal extra damage.

2. Use Flame Shock as DoT spells and prevents your opponent to vanish/stealth.

3. Use Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Wave to heal yourself when necessary.

4. Use Earth Shield to protect yourself.

5. Use Frost Shock and Earthbind Totem as your kite tool.

6. Use Purge to debuff your opponent.

7. Use Wind Shear to interrupt channeling spells.

8. Use Tremor Totem against opponent who use Fear, Charm, and Sleep.

9. Use Resistance Totems according to your opponents spec.

10. Use Grounding Totem against spellcaster.

11. Use Poison Cleansing Totem and Cure Poison against poison user.

Warlock WoW PvP Strategy

1. Use Demonic Circle Summon and Teleport to escape from snare effects.

2. Use Succubus to seduce your opponent. The combination of Her Seduction and your Fear will work great.

3. Use Death Coil and Soul Link to heal yourself/reduce damage.

5. Use Drain Mana against spellcaster; carefully timing your time when use it since it is a channeling spell.

6. Use Curse of Exhaustion to slower your opponent, especially melee character that try to get closer.

7. Use Curse of Agony or Corruption to deal DoT; add Siphon Life and Haunt for greater effects. For direct damage spell, use Immolate and Shadow Bolt

8. Use Metamorphosis and Immolation Aura when fighting head to head.

9. Use Unstable Affliction against classes that can dispel your DoT.

10. Use Felhunter against spellcaster for its Silence and Devour Magic abilities. Curse of Tongue and Spell Lock also works great.

11. Use Howl of Terror instead of Fear when surrounded. For Fear; use it a lot.

12. Use Detect Invisibility against stealth opponent.

Warrior WoW PvP Strategy

1. Use Intercept to get close and Hamstring to keep your opponent at melee range.

2. Use Battle Shout or Commanding Shout active.

3. Use Disarm, Thunderclap, Overpower, and Revenge against melee opponent.

4. Use Demoralizing Shout against stealth opponent.

5. Use Berserker Stance and Berserker Rage against melee opponent with lower health.

6. Use Pummel against spellcaster.

7. If your opponent use bubble, Bloodrage to attain extra Rage.

8. Use Mortal Strike when fight against opponent who can heal themselves. It can be followed with Execute.

9. Use Shield Slam to debuff your opponent.

10. Use Concussion Blow before you bandage yourself.

As I said before, there is no real WoW PvP strategy that works for all of the classes; you need to know your own strength and weakness as well as EACH of your opponent strength and weakness. If you already learn it, you can adapt and counter anything that they throw at you during the fight. The best way to get good at PvP is to learn from a detailed WoW PvP strategy guide and of course, practice a lot. Check out the author’s resource box below from a good WoW PvP strategy guide.

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